Seed Balls - 6 Assorted Tree Seeds - W4188

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 Box size - Length - 3 inch ; Height - 3 inch ; Width - 3 inch
 160 grams

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Seed Ball - seeds that's wrapped in soil materials - mixture of clay & compost and dried. It is typically a pre-planted one which can be sown in places where it's safe until the start of germination process. It is a very safe & sustainable way to cultivate plants & trees in our home as well as alongside roads.

How to sow Seed balls?

Gently press the seed balls on the soil. Tree seeds can also be thrown alongside highways, canals etc. which also helps us in doing our part in saving our nature!

Seed balls as Return gifts

Thinking how to involve yourself in saving our nature?! Well, this will be the perfect idea! Just order these seed balls from us and give them as return gifts to your guests who attend your events or celebrations. They'll sow these be it Vegetable seeds or Tree seeds - it's your choice! It'll grow into a plant or tree thereby we doing our little part in saving the nature.

This box has 6 assorted / mixed seeds of the following trees : 

  • Banyan
  • Pipal
  • Margosa
  • Portia
  • Jamun
  • Sandal.

Don't wait! Go on, order these seed balls as return gift for occasions like Wedding, Upanayanam, House Warming, Baby Shower, Corporate events, Get togethers etc.

Customer Reviews

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Go green seed balls

1. Excellent gift.
2. Good packaging.

1. Would appreciate if you could label the seeds or at least mention the six types included.
2. Each pack needs to be sealed properly and tightly.

very nice idea, concept and execution !

Brilliant execution of an idea whose time has come and whose need is sorely felt now. Instead of wasting money and precious natural resources on useless gifts which are soon thrown away, this is a gift of a legacy . My NGO has been doing this for a year now (www.hopefoundationngo.com)
My suggestions would be
1. To label and segregate balls of each seed/tree separately when packing by color coding them. Use natural color/dyes to label which ball has which seed ( e.g light blue/Indigo for Neem and so on ...). Colors will add brightness and appeal and also visibility on the ground/in bushes etc . So each box will have muticolored balls (or a single color ball, as the buyer wants).
2. Like i had required, keep option of bulk purchase of the seed balls without the box packing with a discount for the removed boxes.
3. Option of buying only one type of tree seed balls (again made easy by color coding), since some areas require only one type of trees
Dr Asit Khanna

Exactly what I wanted!!!

I'm really happy that I could find such meaningful and beautiful return gift for my near and dear ones to show them our gratitude as they shared our happiness!!
Thank you so much webtree for making this happen.